Why Partner with The Nehemiah Mission of Cleveland

Positive imaging

People like to do business with companies that show good citizenship and a desire to help the community.

Inspire other businesses

Your partnership could provide an example for other businesses.

Positive publicity through stories in the local media

The media loves a "feels good story" that shows local businesses helping to improve the lives of individuals and the community.

Greater support from staff to help build THEIR local community

Your employees want to be proud of their employer. This is a great way to build employee confidence and loyalty.

Providing a better local knowledge base

When you know the community you know what the community needs and wants.

Tax Deduction on Qualified Charitable Contributions

Charity is good for the receiver and the giver, consider making the Mission a priority in your corporate gifting.

Your Business Could Make a Lasting Impact

An improvement in the area targeted by the partnership project

It could be through facilities and infrastructure, technology, arts, sport, the environment, or access to services and support.

An increase in flow-on benefits stemming from partnership projects

For example: improved health, a reduction in problem behavior, a more vibrant town through increased community activities, etc.

Inspiring Others

Your successful work could inspire other groups and businesses in your town to join in or develop their own partnership. Who knows, your successful partnership could be a lightning rod for a groundswell of better community business co-operation and community participation in your town!

Life’s most persistent and urgent question is, ‘What are you doing for others?’
— Rev. Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.