Our “Wish List”

We serve approximately 450 meals each year out of our well equipped but poorly laid out kitchen.  We would love to have our kitchen remodeled so that we could change the traffic pattern separating the dish area from the food prep area with separate entrances. We would also like to eliminate the need to transport meals from the prep area to the serving area by installing a serving area that opens to the dining room.  This project would also include moving cabinets, installing a new floor and moving the clothes washer and drier out of the kitchen.

Okay, so we’re kind of focused on food;  Our supply of flatware is dwindling due to the well intentioned efforts of guests who accidentally throw away utensils or even more fun..put them in the garbage disposal! A new supply of matching flatware ( service for 150 ) would help tremendously.

100 Additional plastic drinking glasses so we can stop :”cupping our hands”!

Did we mention that our dining room floor is over 60 years old!  We manage to keep it looking fairly good for its age ( kind of like our director), but a new floor would make our dining room much more inviting.

Our administrative office is in need of new carpeting. After all, how many times can the vacuum cleaner catch a stray thread and wrap it around the beater brush before both the vacuum and the carpet are ruined?

The donation of space within an off site warehouse would give us relief from a monthly payment and provide us a space to keep equipment and lumber supplies.

The remaining stained glass in our worship room really adds to the aesthetic pleasantry not only of the interior of the room, but outside the building at night. It really needs new protective covering and the window frames are deteriorating and need to be restored. 

This little light of ours….. The LCD Projector in our worship room is having a near death experience. A new, brighter projector would make it easier for our little lights to shine!!

Many years ago, when the building was Peoples Hope UMC, our current from yard was a parking lot. We really like the green space and don’t want it to go away despite the fact that we don’t have much parking. A great alternative however would be to have a driveway cut in from Bridge Ave. to the parking lot. This would make it much easier for arriving/departing teams to load in and out and to maneuver our truck and trailer in and out of the parking lot.

On an ongoing basis… We use tons of bath tissue, paper towels, and napkins. Anytime you can “spare a square” we could use the help.  We also do a lot of painting….So, paint brushes, roller covers, disposable roller pans and drop cloths will help us “cover the earth” ( sorry, Sherwin Williams, it was just too good not to use.)

Finally, and “it’s the big one Elizabeth…” our building has some serious tuck pointing issues.  Do we need to say more?

If you are so inclined as to help us with any of this, please call our director 216.961.6968 ext 10. He promises to love you forever.