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The Nehemiah Mission of Cleveland rebuilds the lives and homes of the physically and fiscally challenged of Cleveland through volunteer mission teams who improve living environments in order to sow seeds of hope for individuals and neighborhoods. 

Our work is achieved without prejudice to race, gender, ethnicity, lifestyle or age.


To qualify as a recipient of work from The Nehemiah Mission the following must be demonstrated;

1)  Home must be owner occupied.  (In the case of a wheelchair ramp construction project, the property may be  rented however the landlord must provide written permission for the installation of the ramp.  The letter MUST accompany this application.)

2)  Must be a single family home.

3)  Resident-client must be 55 years or older (age alone does not qualify, must also demonstrate financial need) or qualify under one of the following conditions:

  1. Disabled
  2. Single parent home with income under the poverty level.

4) You must be able to contribute financially to the cost of the supplies and materials for the project for which you are requesting assistance. As a general rule you must be able to contribute 20% of the average cost for your project. Examples:  The average cost for us to construct a handicap accessible ramp is $1200.00. You would be required to contribute a minimum of  20% of that cost or $240.00.  The average cost of a porch repair is $800. Your contribution toward supplies and materials would be a minimum of $160.00.  For exterior painting project the average cost is $600. If your  project is not funded by a city paint program, you would be required to contribute a minimum of $120.00.  If building permits are required, you will be required to cover the cost of the building permit. Your exact contribution will be calculated at the time of our visit to the project site.  Supply and material contributions must be received no later than 7 days prior to the scheduled start date.

Application Schedule:

Requests for assistance are NOT taken by phone.  Please read below.

To apply for assistance with exterior projects; Applications must be submitted between August 1 and December 1.

To apply for assistance with interior projects; Applications must be submitted between January 1 and June 1.

For emergency project requests please compose a letter describing the scope of the project, the rationale for emergency classification, and the time constraints for project completion. Emergency requests MUST be received by US Mail at The Nehemiah Mission 6515 Bridge Ave. Cleveland, Ohio 44102


While the mission workers are present:

1)             There must be functioning restrooms at the site that are accessible to the workers.
2)             There must be running water available.
3)             Pets must be secured away from the work area.
4)             Pet waste and/or other dangerous/harmful materials must be removed from worksite prior to team arrival.
5)            Able bodied residents of the home are expected to work alongside the team.


Where possible, resident-clients are encouraged to contribute to the purchase of necessary supplies and materials.


All applications whether submitted by an individual or on behalf of an individual will be considered. Applications submitted by an individual on their own behalf will be expected to provide proof of qualifications as outlined above.

Projects are assigned to work teams based upon skill-sets and length of visit as well as available finances for materials and supplies.

Clients should be aware that photos of all projects are kept on file with The Nehemiah Mission and may be used in promotional literature and/or grant applications. Those photos may also appear on the mission website and/or printed promotional materials.

To submit a request for yourself or another, please click on  this link:


.  Please be sure to answer all questions, sign the form electronically by entering your name then submit the entry online.  Upon receipt and review your application we will contact you to arrange for a site visit.




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