Mission Statement

The Nehemiah Mission of Cleveland rebuilds  lives and homes of physically and fiscally challenged  in order to sow seeds of hope. SEND ME TO CITY…SO THAT I MAY REBUILD IT – NEHEMIAH 2:5

Ganta Initiative – Outreach to Liberia, West Africa

      Through an unique partnership with the Ganta United Methodist Mission Station of Ganta, Liberia, your visit to The Nehemiah Mission of Cleveland now places you in ministry to the people of Ganta, Liberia. Beginning with the summer of 2014, programming at Nehemiah provides an evening of education about Liberia and specifically the needs of the […]


The Nehemiah Mission relies heavily on the generosity of donors in order to fund our program.  To make a financial contribution, please click on the PayPal Donation icon below. ( If you are a member of a United Methodist Church, you may want to contribute through your local church to Advance Special Fund #9136.) On behalf […]

United Methodist Church


The Nehemiah Mission of Cleveland is a program of the North Coast District of the United Methodist Church.

The Nehemiah Mission of Cleveland believes that service is a spiritual gift by God’s direction.  We believe that we are blessed by our ability to serve and empower others to serve.  We strive to be the hands of God.  In every job, it is the same spirit that enriches us and leads each brush stroke, each meal served, each porch rebuilt, and each life changed.


To learn more about the North Coast District, please visit http://northcoastdistrictumc.org/

To learn more about the East Ohio Conference, please visit http://www.eocumc.com/

To learn more about the United Methodist Church, please visit http://www.umc.org/

Seeds of Hope

  • Twice Blessed Free Store

    The Twice Blessed Free Store is an urban outreach ministry of the Rocky River United Methodist Church. The store is located within The Nehemiah Mission.  Current operating hours are 10-1pm Saturdays. Click here for more information: http://www.twiceblessedfreestore.org/about-us/

  • Worship

    The Nehemiah Mission is pleased to be the home of ; Revolution 216 – Celebration Service at 12:00Noon Sundays; The desire of Revolution 216 Church  is to revolutionize the lives of the people in our neighborhood, city, country and world through the lived out Gospel of Jesus Christ. We exist to serve, love and build radical […]

  • Scouting

    The Nehemiah Mission of Cleveland is proud be a supporter of Boy Scout Trop 515,Venture Crew,   and Girl Scout Troop 70036.  If you would like to become involved with any of these scouting opportunities, please contact the troop leaders. Our scouting programs can be expanded and improved through the support of donors. Please consider […]

  • Emergency Pantry

    The Matilde Davila Emergency Pantry is an emergency pantry for individuals in the surrounding neighborhood who find themselves in immediate need of food and personal hygiene assistance. As there are larger pantries in the area doing great work with food distribution, we are focusing on personal hygiene items. If you would like to assist our pantry […]

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